Liaison To The Point Construction (LTTPC)
“Building now for a prosperous future”

The vision for LTTPC is far bigger than supplying hundreds of people in need with quality housing. These new homes will be the catalyst for rebuilding the family structure and neighborhoods that can become the life-blood of this region.

 The Dream of "Liaison to the Point" is to play a vital role continuing bolstering the local economy by helping to increase life skills, property values and commercial viability while providing marketable skills, on-going training, and higher paying jobs to local citizens. We will ignite young and new Entrepreneurs to take the lead by bring them hope that works today.

Part of the Vision is to partner with local law enforcement agencies to launch a program for individuals in the penal system who are ready for a second chance in life. LTTPC will aid in their rehabilitation by offering new skills, employment opportunities, and a chance to make a meaningful contribution to their communities.

LTTPC’s ultimate goal is to build an award-winning model for housing, workforce and community development in the Greater New Orleans area that can be replicated in changing the mindset of settling to becoming aggressive in empowering communities nationwide.