Elijah Task 

Coming in August 2018
Elijah Task 2018
August 2-4th 
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Get to know the  “HEART” OF THE ELIJAH TASK 

The ELIJAH TASK patterns the life of Elijah and to fulfill the Elijah Task, we must understand and create ways to clearly pass on the responsibility of serving to the sons and daughters. ELIJAH TASK is the name of a compassionate outreach born to represent a biblical model of the character known as Elijah in the bible. He passed the mantle of his service to his son to carry on the business. Likewise it’s every father’s and mother’s desire to see their children step into the responsibility of the business or life in general by taking things to a higher level.  The Elijah Task is therefore the spirit that turns the hearts of the fathers and mothers to their children and gives the next generation the edge to go forward. Respect is the highest honor that can be used in motivating the next generation to accomplish greater contributions to society. We are certain that the Elijah Task will provide the context and the platform to reward and enlighten each participant and honoree. 

Dare to dream the -  VISION OF THE ELIJAH TASK

The vision of the Elijah Task is to restore or enhance parental, mentor to mentee, and trainer to trainee relationships, reconciling our great ones who have gone before us. This is a defining moment through the honoring of them that can propel generational blessings to flow on the children. Thereby releasing sons and daughters into their calling with the family structure as the support. This is what will help bring better clarity, fresh passion and provision to this present generation concerning their assignment in life.


The purpose of the Elijah Task is
To provide an atmosphere to encourage the uniting of sons and daughters
To build new platforms of serving by recognizing founding fathers
To honor and bless Patriarchs and Matriarchs for their contribution to society
To encourage the transfer of the mantle of the fathers and mothers
To restore sons and daughters to paths of wisdom and righteousness
To celebrate relationships that had been forgotten and to enhance new ones


Our philosophy is to recognize, facilitate, give tribute and intentionally build more quality and stronger communities based on relationships, servant leadership, open communication and common ground.  We endeavor to have integrity in the things that matter most while fostering a global understanding but not losing sight of the local vision.

What is the selection -  AND CRITERIA FOR HONORING 

Honoring of fathers and mothers is done through profile recommendations from sons and daughters, denominations, churches, companies and organizations that see the need and identify with different key leaders who deserve this acknowledgment. These recommendations are assessed through a process of consultation with spiritual and community leaders and recognized for what they have done in contribution to a better and healthy society. . 


Honorees are men and women who are approaching 70 years old or more with a long service record of involvement in the pioneering or serving of their communities. Some of these have retired or are no longer serving in the same capacity due to a number of factors. Regardless of their current position, the Elijah Task desires to honor these people for causing major contributions at the time of their activeness in their role during their era. It also includes those who are still in the race of building people, building lives and building communities. These men and women have a sense of legacy noticed from their labor of love and we salute them.


This awesome event is organized to impact all attendees in terms of fellowship with fathers, mothers and friends by creating wholesome connections through discovery. There will be a keynote presenter who will motivate the community as we celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of the honorees. Thereby enhancing vision and purpose in our lives while giving tribute to their legacy before many generations. Included will be an atmosphere filled with song, music and great entertainment.


The Elijah Task is a grand opportunity to become a part of a fresh community movement that brings us closer to knowing each other by the honor we give to our parents, mentors, coaches, teachers and neighbors.  The benefit of this momentum of respect and the celebrating of someone else’s life has the potential to become a prototype that cities and nations will eventually adopt. By joining you are a stakeholder in strengthening the fiber that makes our nation stronger and more prosperous. We believe it is a hidden desire in the heart of most people, if not all, to honor their fathers and mothers irrespective of whatever transpired.   All it takes is to align yourself with the visionary and let us together see this continue from generation to generation. Your willingness to get involved to serve will assure that this legacy will perpetuate for years to come.


Businessmen and women from platinum to royal diamond contributors will have access to benefits such as a display of their companies’ logo during this gathering. The opportunity given to advertise their company and the bragging rights of the level of the donation will be publicly displayed and acknowledged. Allowing your company to be a participant in the Elijah Task comes with a great recognition as one who “pays it forward”.  
Levels of Bragging Rights
Royal Diamond - $10,000.00
Platinum - $5,000.00
Gold - $2,500.00
Silver – $1,000.00
Make your check payable to The Elijah Task – all contributions are tax deductible to the extent of the law.